Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?

I’ve never talked to anyone about this, or maybe I did but it was quite a joke to them. You might not even believe me while reading this too, but I finally searched up about what was happening to me since I was a kid. Some people relate it to this thing called the AIWS – Alice in wonderland syndrome. LOL you see even the Name of it sounds wacky, so what the heck am I talking about?

I’ve had this feeling since I had memory, it’s usually when I’m alone in a quite place or with a bit of music all of a sudden I feel this RUSH in my head, thinking and experiencing everything around me was distorted with size and weight, for the most part, time. For example moving my hands and feet seems like I’m moving them in super speed, like running through a time machine tunnel, but at the same time I know for sure everything’s at normal speed, it just FEELS so much faster, and Louder and heavier. Awkwardly I feel like I’m in a totally unreal world moving alone with my imaginations of objects being at the most ridiculous sizes. Well, I’m still normal i know lol, cuz this feeling never lasts longer than 15 minutes. It feels really funny and interesting, sorta exciting too. Every time it happens I sorta get annoyed but also don’t want this feeling to go away that quickly cuz it’s fun. lol

I haven’t had this “fast” feeling for a while now but I just got it before I was going to sleep so I decided to search it up on the internet while I was at it, typing with my “super speed moving fingers and very very sensitive and fast eye movement” lol, Thank God I found a thread with a lot of people describing the same situation! YAY. I’m not weird yES.

check it out!

it’s even on wiki!


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  1. With this just now surfacing publicly, for me that is. I am loving this discovery phase of like-minded people.
    And seriously, can’t stop this smile from creeping on my face when the sequence of words ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’ come about as that, to me has been my best description of how I’ve seen the world fall apart.
    Listen, i just finished a 9 and 3/4 hour wait at the drop in clinic(I never cried whence I broke my femur, L1&L2…twice-just sayin’) to find out I developed asthma and have a minor chest infection, which is why I was there in the first place. In any case. I hadn’t slept properly in 3 days. Anyways, in passing, I had this wish-list to which I wanted answers from the good ol’ doc.
    The concise description i gave him only took moments before he says…Look up aura migraines and get back to me..

    So, here I am. A consultant for a tech company, confessing his little awesome secret about our little common gift, if you will.

    Jicki, Thank you for the invigorating depiction of what I have the luxury of experiencing a few times a year.


    I just found out of “AIWLS” but I never get the migraines only the beautiful Benoit Mandelbrot fractals mother fucken imagery.

    I assure you, the pleasure was all mine.

    Avec toute mon Coeur,


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